The London Loudspeakers: Story Of An Excellent Brand Experience

It’s fascinating to think about how a well-implemented brand experience strategy can have such a powerful effect on one’s perceptions.

Not so long ago, an interesting story happened to me.

A colleague of mine and I were casually strolling through the aisles of a busy shopping center in London when something special caught our attention. Amidst the noise of flashy fashion outlets and exclusive boutiques, one of them stood out with its minimalistic style and eye-catching products in the window case.

The out-of-the-ordinary look of the store captured our attention. My colleague and I decided to explore what at first glance seemed to be an egg-shaped speaker. It later turned out that those indeed were loudspeakers bearing a brand name we had never heard of before. The loudspeakers delivered an unprecedented sound experience. Apparently, the loudspeakers weren't a sensation as such. Yet, what appealed to us was their unconventional design and promise of “greatness”. It was as if someone whispered: Come closer, this will surprise you!

This, in essence, was the start of our new brand experience.

Top quality and elegant design with a price to match...We stood there for a while, quite intrigued by those speakers, wondering what makes them so unique. At some point, a shop attendant approached us. Having briefly explained what those speakers were all about, he asked if we would like to test their sound. Suffice to say, the sound test exceeded all our expectations! The sound itself was pleasantly deep and of high quality, something we had never heard before. Moreover, the whole brand experience reached a level powerful enough to make us unable to ever forget it.

Even though we didn’t buy the loudspeakers that day as it wasn’t exactly easy to pack them in suitcases and board them on a plane, this brand experience has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on us. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about those loudspeakers and what a great addition they would be to our office!

Although we've all read about this before, we still find it eye-opening when such “a-ha” moments happen to us. This makes us realize the real effect branding has over our subconscious decision-making. The power of great brands doesn’t solely rest on their ability to make us buy specific products out of impulse. Also, it manifests in their ability to trigger emotions in us and generate equally meaningful and delightful impressions. These impressions shape the way we make choices, the way we enjoy our surroundings, and the way we express ourselves.

Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? Have you had similar experiences with new brands?


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