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Brand Licensing Workflow 101: How to Navigate the Brand Licensing Value Chain

Brand licensing is an important tool for increasing brand exposure and awareness, and it’s an efficient way to create additional income streams ...

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Succeeding in Character Licensing: What You Need to Know

Okay, so you’re starting to see the benefits of licensing your brand. But what about character licensing? If the term makes your head start ...

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Royalty Report Deconstruction: What You Need To Know About Validating Licensing Sales

Everyone in the licensing community knows what a royalty report consists of and what information it contains. However, the practice of validating ...

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How Efficient Are Outbound Sales In The Brand Licensing Business?

Outbound sales are essential for every brand licensing business looking to grow and scale their programs. As a sales manager, you must be ...

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Can Fan Communities Enhance The Brand Value Of Sports Merchandise?

Whenever I go to a football game, or as our friends across the North Atlantic call it soccer game, I get to notice some interesting things that ...

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3 Factors To Study Before Entering A New Brand Licensing Market

It's no secret that entering a brand licensing market requires a great deal of preparation on the licensor’s, or agent’s, side. The preparation ...

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The Definitive Guide To Minimum Guarantee Approaches In Brand Licensing

The concept of minimum guarantee approaches in brand licensing often resembles some complex form of art. Typically, a minimum guarantee total and ...

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Minimum Guarantee, Explained

Minimum guarantee, an essential constituent in licensing agreements, is a difficult matter for licensing partners to negotiate. This happens ...

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